All you need to know about the University

All you need to know about university
All you need to know about university

University is an educational institution of a higher level where subjects are studied & researched in-depth after which degrees are offered.
Students found in this institution have age of about 16,17,18 etc depending on the country and their constitution.

The universities in different countries have their way of administration, laws & rules guiding the institution. Some universities are considered better than the others based on the impact they make on students that pass through them while others make students destiny to be at stake.

Whenever youngsters are offered admission into various universities, there is this joy & happiness that is found in their homes & families. Everyone is partying over the new sphere of education they are going to venture into.

Now is there any need for the jubilation? Will university really make these youngsters who they want to be? Will there be jubilation at the end of it all? Now lets see how its going to turn out

university layout

It’s important to know what one should really know, who he wants to be, how he can become that which he wants to be & what will help him become that later in life before applying for higher education and being admitted into the university. Failure to do so will make a student a square peg in a round hole.

University cannot make a student what he is not, such student will only struggle throughout & may luckily graduate. Instead of being a better person may end up worse or still remain the same. The nature of education should really draw out what a person has inside of him i.e a place where a student to be shaped into a person that can fulfill his dreams, gifts and talents.

Unlike what is seen today, a student goes to the university just to get a degree in a field he has no passion for. The beginning of a thing doesn’t really matter that much but its end & how far a person has gone.

university layout

The partying, celebration & shoulder-high attitude of youngsters as they admitted into a higher institution is uncalled for. That time is what should be used to plan your way, do some enquiries & know what u are really going into, time to get oneself ready to face the music that comes with being a student in a higher level.

So many green horns in aspect of education, after partying end up being deceived & misled during their stay in the institution, some of them are not able to pass through the baptism of fire that comes with being a student, they hand in, look for wrong alternatives & eventually end up with nothing.

Anyone who is opportune to be a student of this educational institution should know his onus, count his teeth with his tongue, learn how to take the bull by the horn, be able to put up with some conditions and know what is expected of him in other to have a field day at the end of it all.

As many may think or perceive that university is where one can go & live the way he wants at liberty & freedom having no one to control/tame them. People like this make university look like a drain pipe rather than a place where one is shaped into what he really wants to be.

Some universities instead of being a place where learning can be enhanced with adequate power supply, clinics, health facilities and water have in turn become the sword of Damocles to the success of these students.

All you need to know about university
All you need to know about university

They no longer checkmate the quality of facilities in clinics causing death and havoc to most students who go there for treatment. Health personnel in these clinics display nonchalant attitude without remorse. Families end up loosing their wards due to this.

New brooms in person of chancellors, vice chancellors & other higher administrators of the university usually alternate existing rules bringing in new ones making the life of some students miserable as they try to adapt to these new rules irrespective of how these changes will affect them.

These administrators at times do this to suit their selfish interests not minding the effect it will have on the students. Being focused, determined & courageous can really help a student attain whatever height.

If only the administrators will place the comfort & success of their students higher than their own interests and all environmental constraint stopping the students from succeeding are handled correctly, better results will be achieved.

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