All you need to know about university

All you need to know about the University

April 28, 2019 schoolmata 1

University is an educational institution of a higher level where subjects are studied & researched in depth after which degrees are offered. Students found in this institution have age of about 16,17,18 etc depending on the country and their constitution.
The universities in different countries have their way of administration, laws & rules guiding the institution. Some universities are considered better than the others based on the impact they make on students that pass through them while others make students destiny to be at stake.
Whenever youngsters are offered admission into various universities, there is this joy & happiness that is found in their homes & families. Everyone is partying over the new sphere of education they are going to venture into. Now is there any need for the jubilation? Will university really make these youngsters who they want to be? Will there be jubilation at the end of it all? Now lets see how its going to turn out.