Where to Apply for Scholarship in Australia

Many of us would like to study in Australia. There are two main reasons being the level of education and the desire to tour and visit Australia. You can achieve both by taking your studies in Australia for your college degree. You might want to find a scholarship in australia to help you fund for some of your educational needs in case you are unable to support yourself fully.

Where to Apply for Scholarship in Australia

Today I am highlighting the different positions of scholarship in Australia you can apply to fund your studies. The different scholarships are awarded by the different institutions like government programs, private and public companies, and the different universities or colleges. Each of the scholarship might be attached to a particular course of study or for a specific set of people. You need to check out and know which one you can apply for.


1. Australia Award Scholarships:

These are scholarships in australia offered by the government to foreign students interested to study in the country. It is a long term project that is governed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The project aims to help the students from the developing countries to achieve their goals by getting their education in Australia.


This program helps you to get funds for your education for the minimum number of years the education program you take can last. Apart from offering full tuition fees, they also help you with travel ticket, establishment allowance, contribution to living expenses, health care, among other benefits.


Applying for this program requires that you adhere to the rules and policies set by the system as well as the government of Australia. You will need to sign a contract declaring that you have agreed to be bound by the policy. For qua;lifications, further instructions, and application process, you need tpo visit the program website at


2. Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships:

This project is also offered by the Government of australia through the Department of Education and Training. Their aim is to help students from within the country to study abroad as well as helping international students to study in Australia.


The long-term aim is to strengthen and build the reputation of the Australian education system and internationalise the system through research and studies. The better knowledge and education gained can help the students to become high achievers in their ultimate goals.


Students who complete their education with the program become members of the Global Alumni Network (of Australia). The application for the scholarship in Australia and endeavours will be open in April 2017 for the 2018 students. You can check out the website [] for further instructions, application process, and the benefits.


3. International Postgraduate Research Scholarships:

This program aims at supporting international students who want to complete their postgraduate research courses in australia. Students from all countries (except New Zealand) are welcome to apply for the scholarship in Australia.


The system supports two years for masters degree research program and up to three years for a doctorate degree. The benefits of the scholarship include tuition fees and health cover for the holders as well as health care for the holders’ dependants.


The project (headed by the Department of Education and Training) is offered through the different universities that are participants of the same. To learn more about the program, the rules, and the application process, you are welcome to visit the program website:


4. A E Ringwood Supplementary Scholarship:

This scholarship in Australia is offered by the Australian National University. It only aims to help PhD scholars that are pursuing their research course in Earth Sciences. The conditions are that you must have a high performance.


A Bachelor Degree of first class honors is a requirement before you are considered for the opportunity. A research Master degree is also acceptable from a top recognised institution. For international students, you must have a specific discipline you are pursuing.


There are several benefits to the awardees of the scholarship in Australia. These include full time tuition fee, a stipend, thesis reimbursement allowance, and some removal expenses. For further instructions and applications, refer to the university website [].

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