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2017 Free Online Courses for Academic Excellence

2017 Free Online Courses for Academic Excellence

Getting a university degree is one of the basic things many people want and need to attain in life. Regardless of whether you are a university graduate or you just completed your high school, there is the need to further your studies to increase your potential.

They say that successful people are those with many opportunities surrounding them at any given time. It, therefore, translates that you need to equip yourself with a broad coverage in your education. To do so, you might want to be taking your classes while still doing other things. 

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The best thing is that you no longer need to be seated in any classroom for you to undertake your degree. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a working man, or even a young person that cannot afford to travel and pay for the school fees required for the formal education in a university, you can achieve all your goals easily.

What Are the Free Online Courses:

There are courses you can take online to improve your opportunity success. More than just having access to these courses online, there are some that are completely free of charge. Before you ask why they are free, i would like you to know that whatever you can cover in a physical classroom, you can also cover it online, and free of charge.

If you would like to know why you need to take free online courses, you need to refer to the relevant article here. Since there are numerous subjects you can learn online, you might not want to go through all the list. To make your search easier, I am going to highlight some of the free online colleges where you can enroll for the specific discipline you are interested in. you might also want to see the best Universities in Africa

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Here Are the Free Online Courses You Need:

1. edX Online Courses:

This is among the leading online courses that offer you different topics you can learn from the comfort of your home. They cover a large span of the courses you need. The publishers of the courses come from different top universities across the globe. The lecturers are already certified and what they teach is what they already do as their career. You can sign up on

2. Alison:

This is yet another online course that is completely free to undertake. You can sign up and begin your studies when you are ready. The Alison seems to be among the fast rising online courses. From their website, they are making a minimum of 200,000 signups every month.

The figures tell you that you can expect top quality education from the website. With the Alison Community, you will be informed on the various things you might want to know related to online learning on their website:

3. Future Learn:

Another new free online courses program. It looks as a fast growing platform also. From the Future Learn website, there are over 5 Million registered learners as per the date of this post. This is another platform to advance your studies right from your home or the office while taking care of other things.

Another good thing I learned from this site, more than 35 countries are entitled to get a UK university certificate for the course you finish from the website. This makes it a good choice for those that use the British system of learning. Visit the FutureLearn website

4. Open Learn:

This platform offers you a complete access to full time courses that you can take in major universities across the globe. The platform is a real university that is set up online. Each course has a distinct duration you can take to cover it.

As you take the courses, you can save your progress and continue the next time you log on. The best thing is that after the completion of the course, you can leave your review and help others understand what to expect from the same. There website is

The Bottomline For Free Online Courses:

One thing to remember is that when you are undertaking the online courses, the skills you learn are vital. You will need to use them a to build your portfolio so that you can improve your CV. If you need a certificate for any course you take online, you might be required to pay for the same. It is better to confirm from the platform you want to use so that you are sure what you are into.

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