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2017 JAMB Subject Combinations for All University Courses

For the students that are still wondering the subjects that JAMB will examine you, we have compiled the full list for you. The list, as per the entrance examination body, JAMB, consists of the different courses and subject combinations. In this combination, you will be able to identify the subjects you will have to sit for as an entry examination for the course of study you would like to take.


The different courses are divided into three main combinations. Each of the combinations has different options you can choose from when joining college or university in Nigeria. These courses are the determinants of the subjects that you need to prepare in for the entry examinations.


A. The Sciences Combination:

In the sciences combinations, there are a total of 54 courses listed. Each of the course has its own distinct subject combinations. These are the ones you need to know and master. Here goes the science combination list:


1) Agriculture:

To qualify for the Agriculture program, you have to score your best in the following subjects:

(i) English

(ii) Chemistry

(iii) Biology/ Agriculture

(iv) Either Physics or Mathematics.


2) Agricultural Economics:

The JAMB subjects requirements for the Agricultural Economics course include:

(i) English

(ii) Mathematics

(iii) Chemistry

(iv) Biology/ Agricultural Science.


3) Agricultural Engineering:

If you are aspiring to go for the Agricultural Engineering course, here is the list of the subjects you need to prepare yourself in:

(i) English

(ii) Mathematics

(iii) Chemistry

(iv) Physics


4) Agricultural Extension:

You need to qualify in these subjects before you are allowed to do this course in your degree career program:

(i) English

(ii) Biology/ Agricultural Science

(iii) Chemistry

(iv) Mathematics or Physics


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