Analysed Reasons Why Many Students Hate School?

Why Do Many Students Hate School?

We all understand very well that education is mandatory for all the development we are aspiring for. Regardless of the different views from different sets of people, it remains that without education, you can only do the least or nothing at all. “Education is the key to success”, as some people put it back then.


Even with all these facts, it is true that many students hate school. If not a total hate, they at least, do not like it as they ought to do. If you have a student that tends to dislike going to school, you have to find the reason behind it. Doing so will help you to set goals for them and help their future. You can use your findings to help your student (child) better.


In this article, I am going to highlight some of the reasons that you will find that hinder students from enjoying school as they should. It is only meant to be a guide for you to dig more on yours to identify the specific reasons so that you can address them the better way.


Here are some of the reasons why many students hate school:


1. Careless Instructors Who Are Only after the Payments:

Yes, some teachers are not very keen with the students. It is very possible to find teachers who do not care to give attention into details to their students. When the student is in the need of the teacher and he cannot help, they can easily lose interest in school.


If you do not handle the issue early enough, you will make the student lose interest in school completely. Finding a solution to it will help the student understand that it is possible to find hope somewhere or in a different way. In this way, you will motivate him to continue with the school smoothly.


2. The Fear of Failure and the Accompanied Shame:

One big misconception about school is that the examinations taken there is meant to fail the students. The fear of the same makes many students hate school. The reason, especially, behind the fear is not the failure itself. It is actually the publication of the flaws in the public that brings the fear.


It is really demoralizing. The teachers do not take time to understand why somebody did not pass in a given subject. Instead, they just rank everybody using the same scale. We also understand that different personalities have different strengths in different areas. The fact remains that the success of the students does not really rely on the grades, but the skills and character they get in the school.


3. Waste of time that Could Have Been Productive in Other Businesses:

Most students, especially those in the colleges, do not like school because they have an idea on how to make some money. Some of them might have tasted some form of business or employment. Telling such person to go back to class would be like sending them to a prison.


Since these students were exposed to different ways to make money or do something tangible, they forget the importance of furthering their studies to gain the better skills for whatever they want to pursue.


4. Lack of Liberty:

The students, especially those joining high school and middle colleges, come to think that they have been deprived of their liberty. One thing they come across is the strict dressing code they have to stick to. This makes the students feel under some force that takes away their liberty to look the way they feel like.


The students also feel like they are imprisoned and there is no room for socializing and engaging in other community activities. The lack of freedom for almost all the days makes many students hate school to the maximum.


5. Foreign Languages:

Beginning with English, or any other language used for the learning in school, and the other languages taught in school, they become nightmares for the native people who are not very fluent in those languages. They even hate to speak or communicate in those languages because they fear making mistakes. The cause of the fear is that the teachers or other students will consider them inferior.

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  • There is also an undisputed fact that some instructors are sadists. What do i mean? Mostly in universities, you will find that this Physics lecturer is one guy who at some point wanted to study medicine or engineering but for his inability to make good points at first year, he will love to see many in such instances….hence induce pressure and full of intimidation to students, that some of them develop an attitude of hating school.


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