How to Apply For 2017 Masters and PHD Scholarship

Apply For 2017 Masters and PHD Scholarship


Each and every year, many companies and corporate are always seeking the best talent in the market for better services to their customers. For you to make it in the current competition, you have to attain the latest and advanced degrees in the course you have undertaken. If you have been working in a company or in search of a job, it is better to make sure that you get the highest possible degree if you can. In this way, you can stand a chance in the market.


The biggest problem for most people who want to advance their studies is getting funding for the same. However, there are many Masters and  PhD Scholarships you can take advantage of and enroll to complete your course as per your desire.


In this article, I will show you how to go about the process of applying for a PhD Scholarship and further your studies. Take the step and send in the application today to stand a chance to get your place before they are filled up.


Every PhD scholarship and Masters scholarship position has a distinct application requirement and process. Before you apply, you have to understand the basics for each.


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Here are the available 2017 PhD and Masters scholarships, the details, and the application process.


1. Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship – Australia:

The Macquarie University is offering scholarship positions to international students to help them cover their school tuition fees. The scholarships are available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. IF you are looking for a PhD Scholarship or a Masters scholarship, you have a chance to attain your degree by studying in Australia.


The scholarship covers part of the fee you are supposed to pay for your education at the university. You also must take care of your other expenses since the scholarship does not cover anything outside the tuition fees.


This scholarship is only offered to outstanding students, meaning that the educational merit is the determinant of the awardees. Apart from that, you have to be a student undertaking your course in the areas of Engineering, Media, Human science, Education, environment, or Linguistics. The scholarship covers $10,000 AUD.


Application Process:

Before you can submit your application for a PhD Scholarship in the Macquarie University, you must ensure that you are a citizen of any country other than New Zealand and Australia. You should also ensure that you have been accepted to study at the college.


The application is really simple. All you have to do is filling an online form on the college website. You will be required to provide your official name, student number, and the scholarship name among other details. You will then need to wait for up to four weeks for updates from the college. The application deadline is June 30th, 2017.

Visit the Official Scholarship Website for more details.


2. Fulbright Foreign Student Program – USA:

The program is aimed to empower many graduates from across the globe to conduct their research and study in the USA. The program offers partnership with over 155 countries globally and around 4000 students benefit from the same on a yearly basis.


The eligibility of students to the program differ by every country of origin of the students. You should, therefore, make sure that your country is among the acceptable ones and check the eligibility criteria for your country. You might want to get in touch with the US embassy in your country. However, the information is on the program website on what is the best thing to do.


To apply for a PhD scholarship with this program, you must do it from your home country. All the details and information you need can be obtained from the local office that represents the program in your country of origin. Kindly follow the steps for further directions.

Official Scholarship Website:

3. Australia Awards Scholarships – Australia:

These are long term awards that are provided by the government of australia through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The program is aimed to help students from developing countries to complete their studies in Australia. They offer scholarships to bot undergraduate and postgraduate students. This is your opportunity to get your Masters or PhD scholarship in Australia.


The Australia Awards Scholarship is offered for the minimum period you will take to complete your course in the college you are joining. With the scholarship, you will get a full tuition fee cover, a return air ticket, establishment allowance, among other benefits.


Application Procedure:

To apply for the scholarship award, you need to confirm the eligibility based on your country of origin. All applications are to be completed online through the Online Australia Scholarships Information System website. The first step will be to answer a few questions to help the system determine if you qualify for the scholarship. You will then create an account on the website and obtain a user ID and password.


You might also send your application by email if you are unable to complete the online application. You have to make sure that your scholarship application is complete before the deadline. The deadline for the current applications close on April 30th, 2017.

Official Scholarship Website:


4. Singapore International Graduate Award – Singapore:

SINGA is a scholarship program aimed to empower graduate students to undertake their studies in Singapore. It empowers many international students to further their studies in the country. This is the opportunity you have to seize to achieve your dream with the PhD scholarship program in Singapore – Europe.


The current application opening is for the January 2018 intake. The application process is really simple. All you need is to peruse through the programs offered to confirm that you can be supported for your education. You will then need to make your documents ready.


You will be asked for your Identification Card or a passport, a passport-size photo, your educational transcripts and reports showing successful completion of your masters or bachelors degree. You are required to complete the process online in a few steps.


As always, you have to submit your application before the application deadline is due. Current applications are open to the 1st of June, 2017.

Official Scholarship Website:

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