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How to Avoid Cultist Groups on Campus

While on the campus, you may encounter many challenges that are really overwhelming. At times, if you are not careful enough, you might find yourself engaging in things that might lead your life to doom. In school, there are many religious practices that people engage in. However, if you try to scrutinize them, you will come to find out that some of these are not founded on the true faith. These are the cultic groups that you need to avoid.

Some students, however, have no idea on what is the right religion. For instance, if you have not been engaging in religious matters, it might be tricky for you. Your campus friends might want you to join their religion.

It is good, except for the group to be a false religion. You need to take care that you are not initiated into these cultic groups while on the campus. In this article, I explain the different methods you can employ to identify the cultic religions and avoid them.


1. Know the Foundation of Their Faith:

Different groups and religions have their faith based on different things. The only true faith must be based on the Word of God. However, some people will claim to use the Word while in the real sense it is a way to trick many into believing their false doctrine. You will need more understanding to get yourself out of this.

We know that since the true religion should focus on the things that are pertaining to God, we cannot expect it to teach people some rituals. If you are suspicious of some of the things and initiations that one has to take when joining a given sect, then that group is definitely practising occultism. This is one thing to be very keen about. If you get initiated with rituals, you will endanger your soul by selling it to the devil.

2. Beware when the Group Has Very Strict Rules that Go Beyond the Realistic:

The cults usually put in place rules that are hard to bear. Some of the rules are meant to distract you and even separate you from your friends and such. You might realize that you are required to live a different life other than your real life. Some of these rules might include things like it is forbidden to greet some kind of people. You might also be restricted from sharing anything with other friends. If you happen to come across the such, run for your life.

3. Beware of the People that Claim to Be Superior to Others:

The true religion teachings are that we need to love all our friends and even those who hate us. You need to show compassion to your college mates and share whatever you have. When your friend has an issue, you do not discriminate them. You need to support them both materially and emotionally. You also need to stand with your colleagues in prayer.

When you are taught that some type of people, or tribe should be avoided, then you know that doctrine is a false one from the pit of hell. You need to run for your life. Do not allow anybody to bring enmity between you and your friends. You can still associate with them, even when you believe that what they practise is wrong. You only need to talk with them as friends and advise them on the right way – not avoiding them.

4. Keep Yourself Safe:

Some of these cultic groups in the university tend to force people to join them. If you do not, they will threaten to make your life in the college miserable. My friend, did you go to college to be mistreated or to learn? Remember you were not invited to the school by any of these people. If they threaten you, you have the full rights to call the police and report them. You should also avoid walking alone if something of this sort has happened to you.

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