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How to Avoid and Protect Yourself against Bullies

How to Avoid and Protect Yourself against Bullies in the School

Life is the school is almost a nightmare for most of the new students.This is the truth regardless of the age. Most students undergo a tough situation in many institutions in the hand of the bullies. The fact is, if a bully gets a chance to misuse you, he will definitely leave negative impacts on your life as a student.


Most students do not know what to do when they are attacked or confronted with bullies. They fail to do the right thing and end up being misused by these bullies. To avoid all the problems, you need to understand what you can do to help yourself in case you fall under such a condition.


Once equipped with the tips and knowledge you need to address the bullying guys, you will be in a better position to get yourself out of the mess. This will also help to stop the spread of the menace in the school. When the bullying is stopped, all the students will have a conducive atmosphere for their studies and the general relationships will be healthy. The end results are good cooperation and better performance.


Here are some of the things you can do to address bullying in your school:


1. Have a Good Knowledge of the Bullies:

You need to identify the different bullies in your school. This will help you to know how to deal with them. There are different ways to deal with different types of bullies in the school. You will learn them step by step. However, you must not show any interest in them during the process.


If they know that you are interested in their bullying process, they will make sure they torment you the more. You can use the tactics below to help yourself and those close to you from the same. Make sure that you avoid anything that may hurt you in the process.


2. Have Nothing to Do with the Bullies:

You already understand that bullies are not going to make you happy at any moment. Their main aim is to torment you as much as possible. When they approach you with all their tactics, you do not need to fight back. Do not let them know that you are offended by their presence.


The easiest way to get yourself out is to avoid them at all cost. Once they come to you with all their demands and frustrations, you just excuse yourself and go away. When  moving away, let your movement be as natural as possible, without showing any negative expression.


3. Stand Up for Yourself and your Friends:

If moving away does not help you, just make sure that you make a stand and you are not wavered. Do not allow yourself to show panic at any given time. When you show panic, they will take advantage of you. However, when they realize that you are not moved by their advancement, they will simply give up on you.


If at all you see that your friends are under the torment of the bullies, do not let them undergo the same. Just advise them and also stand to protect them. You can tell the guys to mind their business as you and your friends get into something else.


4. Try to Turn Their Bullying Efforts to Some Sort of Amusement:

What you are avoiding here is the bollies knowing that they can actually hurt you. If you are the type that likes to make jokes, you might want to appear as though you are amused by their feeble efforts. When they say something nasty to you, just laugh at them. The more they try, the harder you laugh or look happier.


5. Report the School Administration Authorities:

If none of your efforts work at all, you might want to involve the teachers or school prefects. The administration should summon the bullies and give them warnings or call their parents. However, this might not work if you are in college since most people are adults and the lecturers might think you can fight for yourself.


The Bottomline:

You need to know that there are different types of bullying. If the offenders mostly use verbal method, you can react back in a defensive way, but never show that you are hurt and humiliated. If they have the tendency to cause physical harm, you must engage the administration or avoid them completely.

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