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Bad Habits That May Hinder Your Academic Performance

Bad Habits That May Hinder Your Success as a Student

Your success throughout the academic year depends on your level of dedication and commitment to the school curriculum. If you are disciplined and have excellent time-management skills, you may perform better academically than your counterparts who are neither focused on their studies nor disciplined.


There are several bad habits which may hinder you from performing well at school, these include:


Too Much Social Networking Sites and Television

You are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, and you spend most of your time updating your timelines and chatting with friends, or you spend so much time watching television and answering emails instead of concentrating on your academic work. This is a sure way of failing academically and such is a very bad habits so there fore, You should limit as much as possible the number of hours you spend in these activities.


If you have to undertake these activities, then set a specific time during the day or at night and just take a few minutes checking and updating your social network sites. Remember, the more social networking sites are viewed and the more television is viewed, the less time is focused on completing homework and studying.



Students usually put off important activities like projects and homework for the last minute. This adversely affects the outcome of their academic performance. Projects or homework done in a hurry, usually earns them low grades because it increases the possibility of making errors and submitting a second-rate paper.


Excellent projects and papers require more time as they have to go through several drafts and editing. As a student, you should develop a schedule for working on assignments and studying, and strive to stick to it. Start working on your assignments as soon as you can so you may have enough time to produce quality work.


Bad Sleeping Habits

You need to have enough sleep to have an active brain. Avoid the habit of hanging out with friends when you know you have some work to do. Watching television or playing computer games late into the night, or staying up late working on assignments are some bad habits that are not good for you as a student.

Sleeping late will cause you to be tired the next day because it affects the functioning of your brain, more so the ability to remember information. You should get about eight hours of good sleep every night to refresh your brain and prepare well for the next day.


Bad Eating Habits

When you have a tight school schedule, you may be tempted to skip breakfast (or lunch) to quickly go through your daily activities. Breakfast is a very important meal as it gives you that energy to start the day. Without breakfast, you will feel tired just a few hours into the day and this will lower your concentration level. Eat good breakfast and don’t skip lunch.


Those who like to skip meals may be more inclined to eat fast foods that are low in calorie but high in cholesterol and fat. These meals are not healthy and they don’t provide enough energy which you need for you to efficiently go through the day.


Not Exercising

You need regular exercise to keep yourself physically healthy. Exercise is also needed for cognitive functioning by enhancing neurogenesis. Exercise increases blood flow to the brain which is important for memory and learning. Exercise also reduces the stress levels.


Taking Time-wasting Breaks

Make good use of your break times. This is not the time to go to the internet and start purposeless gaming and Web surfing. If you have to visit the internet, visit sites that can help you learn more about what you’ve just learned in class. You can also spend break time simply relaxing; sleep on the grass and avoid any activity that may strain your brain as you wait for the next class.


Buying Things You Don’t Need

Before you buy anything, ask yourself whether it will add any value to your life, more so your academic life. Are you buying something to show off or to please your friends? Are you buying something that will make you waste time at school and at home? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you buy anything – be it a phone, laptop, book, etc.  

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