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The Best Operating System for Student Laptos

Different student have different needs when it comes to computing. Every student needs a laptop that works to deliver the best when in need. For this reason, you will be surprised that a laptop is not just fit for any purpose if it does not come along with a compatible OS for that specific need. In this article, I highlight the different OS’s that students need to install on their laptops for the best experience. However, before I take you through the different OS’s, you need to understand why you need a specific Operating system and not just any for your laptop as a student.


How to Choose the Best Operating System for a Student Laptop:

Before you buy a students computer, you need to understand if it can use the specific Operating System you need for the purpose. Now, that specific Operating System is the determinant. The question then becomes, which OS is the best option for your laptop? Let us look at what you need before you buy that specific OS.

1. Productivity:

Different OS work in different ways. However, you should focus on the end result when you are using your computer, what do you achieve? You will realize that some OS will not do some tasks simply because the required software is not available. That means that you will get a hard time to figure out any other alternative like sourcing for a different computer to accomplish the tasks. It is, therefore, crucial to analyse the specific needs you will have as a student before you get your desired OS for the computer.

2. Simplicity:

In as much as you want the best performance on your computer, you should remember that the ease of use is essential. If you are new to computers, you will find it a bit hard to handle some computer tasks on some Operating Systems. It is essential to analyse the Operating System before you decide to use it on your machine.

3. Compatibility:

The design of different laptop hardware may have an impact on the type of OS you can install on it. The main concern is the architecture. We have 32 bit and 64 bit compatible computers. A 64 bit can have either a 32 bit or 64 bit OS but you cannot install a 64 bit on a 32 bit computer. This means that you need to identify whether there is a limitation you may encounter before you go ahead to install that specific OS.

The Top Operating Systems for Student Computers:

After you have known how to choose the right OS for your computer, you need to know the available ones and how they can benefit you. You can then go ahead and install the best OS that will work with little to no flaws on your machine while maintaining high productivity for a student. Here are the best OS you can have a look at:

1. Microsoft Windows:

I began with this because it is the most popular OS in the market. It is evident that most students and entrepreneurs are fond of this Operating System already. It is the right choice when you want to take advantage of the readily available software in the market, both the free and premium ones. You can easily get along with it for many tasks you might want to carry out.

2. Chrome OS:

Wait! This is not an OS you will just install anyhow on any laptop you have. Chrome OS comes with their special laptops called Chrome books. The advantage of this OS is that it facilitate the best backup you can experience on a Computer. All you need is your Google account. The drawback is that you need to be online to use the OS. You can use the Chrome books for communication and notes taking.

3. Macintosh OS:

Abbreviated as Mac, it is also an OS that comes with its special laptops. They are called Macbooks. The Macbook is the right choice for students taking their degree in Music and Video production. Graphic designers will also find it essential as well as students taking Art.

In a Summary:

Even with the diversity in the OS you can install on your laptop, you might be wondering whether you need to ditch your old notebook for a new one. You do not need to do that. You can install different OS on one laptop and switch when booting to accomplish different tasks at different times.

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