Best Schools in UK for PhD

Best School in UK for PhD


Every time I hear a student talk, they are always looking for the best school so that they can achieve what they want easily. The same case applies everywhere and on every level of education you are pursuing. If you are planning to take your PhD course in the UK, you will need to know some of the best schools there. After you know the best schools in Uk, you can then go ahead and apply for the PhD course you want.



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Here are some of the top schools in UK where you can take your PhD degree.


The list contains the top universities as per the overall performance and student satisfaction. You can be surer they are the right schools to join in the UK.


1. The Imperial College Business School:

The university is based in the London city. The university entails majorly in business school. It is a part of the larger Imperial College London. It was founded in 2004 by Queen Elizabeth II. Over time, the university has been able to offer many students different degrees including PhD.


To apply for your course with the Imperial College Business School, you need to first understand their program so that you can apply as per their requirements. You also need to register an account on their website to complete the application process since it is only possible online.


One of the requirement for your application is having two referees. It is good to make them aware that you are providing their email addresses for the same. This is required because they will receive an automated email for them to confirm you before you continue with the application process. To learn more and begin your application process, visit the their online application page [].


2. SEPnet Program:

SEPnet is a network of Physics enthusiasts that would like to advance their studies in the PhD level. It is hosted by the University of Portsmouth. The program started after the founders started receiving funds and grants to support it.


It has now helped many scholars to conduct their research in the UK. The school in UK has also helped many employers to get the best Physics talent in the market. To learn more about this program, you can visit the website []


3. University of Liverpool – Online:

The university offers PhD for those aspiring to advance in Education and business fields. The programs are available online to make it easier for those professionals and other students that have a time limit. You need to have qualified with a Masters Degree from a top recognized institution to partake the courses in this university. Another requirement is a minimum of five years experience in managerial position.


The University of Liverpool is one school in UK listed among the best 1% top performers in the world ranking. 92% of the students that take their PhD courses with the school indicate satisfaction while 90% are ready to recommend to their friends. The next classes begin on March 23rd, 2017. For further information, you can check out the university website [].


4. The Durham University – Durham:

The Durham is a school in UK that offers PhD to students in two ways. If you are a Masters holder, you can go ahead and apply for your PhD through research. You might want to take a full-time or part-time program as per your preferences. For students who do not own a Masters qualification, you should apply for an integrated course for four years.


The intakes for the PhD program courses is done twice every year – October and January. For those aspiring to undertake your PhD program in a school in UK, you can apply for the October intake. The closing date for the applications is on July the 31st. A qualification of 65% for the Masters Degree you have is mandatory. For further details and applications, check the university website at



You will realise that most schools in the UK are among the top ranked universities worldwide. However, you shjould begin your search as early as possible to avoid any inconveniences along the way. You must also remember to prepare about your travel and stay in UK as a student.



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