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How to Build Charisma That Can Win You Friends

How to Build Charisma That Win You Friends

Ever noticed that some people are more likable than others? The reason is, they are more charismatic than others. Charisma is an invisible energy but it has visible effects; it is a sparkle in people that money cannot buy. Some have described it as a captivating energy – a quality that can win someone unwavering loyalty and admiration from others. Having a charismatic personality can open the doors of opportunity for you while winning  the respect of those around you and build trust.


Charisma is an unbelievably appealing quality because it helps you win people over to your way of thinking. And if you are working, it can help you get promotions and develop strong friendships with your colleagues and bosses because of your ability to influence them with your actions, deeds, and words.


Some are born with an outgoing personality and a natural charisma that magnetically attracts others to them, while others are not. Luckily, charisma is something that can be learned over time but the process takes time and effort and needs dedication.


Here are some ways in which you can build charisma that can win you friends:


Listen Actively

Listening actively is the most important skill of a charismatic people. Learn to listen with an open mind, without any judgment, and without interrupting the speaker. Use gentle nods and interjections to acknowledge that you understand the speaker. Also smile genuinely when expressing your agreement with what the speaker is saying.


If you don’t agree with the speaker, just give them time to express their opinion before you speak your mind in an organized and polite manner.


Be Genuine in Every Way

Be genuine in your concern for the other person. Everything you do must be genuine. A charismatic respects people and they are genuinely concerned about the other person’s circumstances, insights, experiences, and life. They ask interesting and insightful questions that make the other person talk freely about themselves.


To connect with others at much deeper emotional levels, charismatic people use empathy throughout their conversations. This helps them to fully understand what other people are going through, feeling and thinking.


Inspire Others

Whenever you interact with others make them feel inspired. At the end of the conversation, they should feel important, confident and excited about their future. All it takes to be genuinely interested in the other person’s life. Feel their worries, pains, and sorrows so you can pick the right words to make them feel that they can overcome.

Communicate with Purpose

When communicating, you must give your full undivided attention to the other person. You can do this by using good eye contact that makes the other person at ease and comfortable.  Once you have established that a connection has been established, you can use the other person’s name throughout the conversation during key moments.


While conversing speak with conviction, while varying your tone, volume, pitch and the rhythm of your voice in order to add some color to your speech. This will keep the other person interested in you at all times and make them to be more attentive.


Freely Compliment People

When someone has done something good or have achieved their goal, complement them freely without showing any sign of envy. People work really hard to achieve their goals and the last thing they would want to see are people who don’t care about their achievements. Complementing others will separate you from more than 90 percent of the population who are indifferent and rarely take notice of such matters. Showing someone that you care is the best way to bring them closer to you, and there’s no better way of doing it than complementing them.


Help People at Every Opportunity

A person who has a problem will never forget you if you help them out. During a conversation, listen intently to what the other person is saying and try to find out what the speaker wants or needs. If you have the ability to help, go ahead and offer your help. However, you must learn to find out who is genuinely in need. Some people may take advantage of your good heart and create imaginary problems.



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