Good Reasons Why Teachers Should Be Friends with Their Students

Good Reasons Why Teachers Should Be Friends with Their Students

The teachers are the immediate people the students can have access to whilst in the school. They are the people that one can expect to get close enough to for whatever reason. This is valid for any matter that is related to the school program or related to the school environment. In simpler terms, we can say that the tutors are the parents to the students as long as they are in the school premises.

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There are different valid reasons why they need to be friendly to their students. Regardless of the different strengths and weaknesses in different students, the teachers have the role of having a close friendship to them all. This will improve the school as well as the well being of the students.


Here are the reasons why the teachers ought to keep a friendly relationship with their students:


1. It Helps Building the Personality of the Students:

Many times, the students do not have a clue of what to expect and how to handle the situations that confront them often. In most cases, you will find that they are left to the adventure waiting upon what they cannot explain. You will likely find the students in dire need of learning new things and how to cope with the situations.


Since they are left to face the challenges alone, they always live in fear. Students need that one person who will walk them through what it is to grow up.As they tend to become grown-ups, they need to be equipped with the knowledge to tackle the challenges that come along.


This can only be achieved when the teachers have a close friendship with the students to allow them freely ask them questions whenever they arise. The same will strengthen them to become men and women of value in the society.


2. Help the Students Feel at Home:

When the students leave their homes and come to school, they expect to find somebody like their parent. When they find out that they can easily interact with the teachers, they get the confident and know that they are in a safe place.


However, if the teachers are harsh on the students, they are more likely to begin hating school. The outcome will be a very negative impact on their lives. Many are likely to avoid school entirely, not even transfers can help them.


3. Friendship Between Teachers and Their students Will Boost the Student Performance Graph:

Whenever the students learn that they are free to interact with their teachers, they will be ready to ask the questions that have been burning them in the classes they are undertaking. You find that most students are afraid to ask questions in the classrooms or in their discussion groups. They prefer finding the teachers in private to ask their burning questions.


Another fact regarding this is that, when the students are not comfortable with a particular teacher, they are always filled with anxiety. As a result, they will always fail to concentrate and the result is an automatic fail. Fear chases away even the little a student tries to grasp.


4. Improved Coordination Will Help in Addressing Matters Around the School:

Take for instance a school where the teachers are always strict on the students. Some of them do not allow a student to speak. It reaches a point when there is an urgent issue to be addressed but the students will always keep silent even when they have a clue or a solution to any scenario in the school.


When the teachers allow the students to be close to them and they have the welcomeness they need, it is easier for the students to chip in on any matters to offer solutions. A good example is when all the instructors are from a foreign location and they need to understand how to handle different issues in the school. Many fail because the expectations could be different from the real outcome.


5. Easy School Management:

This is an important aspect that many people fail to understand. When you are able to interact with the students easily, they will readily take in instructions and take the right reports to their parents or guardians whenever there is the need. The easy responses help you to easily run the school with little to no hassles whatsoever.

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