How to Make Money while Studying in the UK

Many students are interested in studying in UK. Being one of the top countries with world class education system, there is sense in joining a university in the UK for your degree course. It, however, sometimes happen that the cost of living in the UK is beyond what many students can manage. In such a scenario, it is advisable for one to find a way to make money while studying in UK to subside their expenses.

How to Make Money while Studying in UK

There are different ways you can make a few extra pounds studying in the UK. In this article, I will help you to understand the different opportunities available for the UK students. Some of these jobs do not require any educational qualification. You just decide and you are ready to begin working. Here are the best ways to make money as a student studying in UK.


1. Be a Food Delivery Rider:

Since most people are really busy to go out dining, they prefer to get their food delivered to their shops. This creates the need for people to fill the gap between the restaurants and the customers.There are companies always on the lookout for people ready to deliver the food to the customers.


If you have some spare time, you can make a few pounds a day to cater for your needs. All you need is your smartphone and a bicycle, car, or motorbike. If you are ready, you can apply now on their website [].


2. Do Some Micro Jobs Online:

Students at times have very minimal time with themselves. While studying in the UK, you might be wondering what you can do to raise a few pounds for your expenses within a set timeline. The option you have in this case is to complete a few “tasks” or “jobs” online through sites like The signup process is simple and most of the tasks take less than five minutes to complete.


3. Do Your Shopping with the Cashback Websites:

Students are always out for shopping for their school needs. Even though this is not primarily making money while studying in UK, it is one way you can save money as a student. The savings can help you achieve something you could have missed entirely.


Some websites offer rewards to people who shop for products using their platform. When you shop for your school accessories and electronics, you might want to try out these website to save a few pounds from your expenses. The sample websites you can try include: SwagBucks UK and Quidco.


4. Sell Your School Notes:

Many students find it tiresome to research and write notes for their studies. Some other factors hinder others from doing the job successfully. If you are willing to share out your notes with others, you can earn a few pounds from it by selling the notes.


There are different websites where you can sign up and upload your notes. When other students buy them, you will get paid. You have to know that the site owners will deduct part of your earnings to cater for marketing and handling your notes and the funds. Examples of websites that allow students to trade notes include Stuvia and Notesale.


5. Become a Tutor:

Yes! You read that right. You can become a tutor and make some cash while you are still a student. Studying in UK, you can offer your knowledge to others online or offline while you get a few pounds. There are site that allow people to sign up and teach anything they are good at. An example is Udemy.


You can also find local people who need your knowledge and teach them in a class or conference for a few extra pounds. You might find your prospects online or by offline advertising. The more the students you get, the better the earnings you have.


The Bottomline:

The summary above only indicates that students are not limited. You can utilize your talent and make some cash when studying in UK without limitations. It is really possible to do virtually anything that brings money (it has to be legal and genuine, though!). You just need to go ahead and put into practise that which you have the ability to do.

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