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Top UK Scholarships for the 2017/2018 Academic Year:

2017/2018 UK Scholarships


The UK is one of the top destinations for many students looking for education abroad. Being part of the Europe, it is obvious that the living standards are quite demanding for many international students that come from the developing world. Regardless of the money challenges, many aspire and work hard to ensure that they get through and obtain the degrees they need to shape their future.


I know that you are one of the many international students interested in finding UK scholarships to fund their education. In this article, I have highlighted the various UK scholarships opportunities you can tap into for your studies. One thing to remember is that the different scholarships offer different amounts of funds under their own set terms. You should apply to as many scholarships as you find to maximize your potential of winning.


Here Are the Top UK Scholarships for the 2017/2018 Academic Year:

Architectural Association School of Architecture:

This institution offers different UK scholarships for students that want to study in their college. The scholarships can help you cover up to two-thirds of the academic year tuition fees. There are different sources of funds that the college uses to support their students. The support is in terms of bursaries and scholarships.


These financial aid programs from the Architectural Association School of Architecture are available for the different levels of study. Regardless of your degree level (graduate, undergraduate, or foundation), you can apply to any of the scholarships. Furthermore, the college provides UK scholarships to both new students and continuing students. For more information and the application procedure, please check their website []


BirkBeck University of London International Scholarships:

BirkBeck is a university in the UK that offers different courses to both native and international students. They have special scholarship programs for international students for different criteria. Some of their UK scholarships for international students are available for region-specific students. You can, however, be sure that there is at least one you can apply for.


According to the university website, the fundings for the scholarships come from diverse sources. The applications are open for the 2018 academic year. Interested applicants are advised to read the terms on the university website [] to understand the right process to follow and which scholarship could be available to you.


Chevening Government Awards:

Chevening is a UK government scheme that awards international students with scholarships to help in making leaders in different parts of the world. This is your first stop when searching for UK scholarships. The governmental body can offer you a scholarship to study in any of the universities in the UK that accept the scholarship.


The applications for the 2017/2018 academic year has been closed. However, you can prepare and apply for a scholarship for the 2018/2019 academic year. The applications will be open from August 2017. You can get a UK scholarship for different disciplines and universities in the country. To understand further, check out the official website []


GCU London:

The CGU London university offers their students different scholarships to help them complete their courses in the UK. Their international UK scholarships programs are among the opportunities you could be interested in. You can take advantage of the scholarship to do your Masters in Science curriculum.


For those aiming to begin their studies in September 2017, the university offers a guaranteed £1,600 (Euro) toward your education. This scholarship for international students is available to all except those who are members of the EU. There is no need to apply for the scholarship as it is available automatically for the self-sponsored students from overseas.


All you have to do to get this scholarship is decide to join the GCU London for your MSc degree. You should also indicate that you are a self-sponsored student. Send your application to join the institution. When you get the admission, you are offered the scholarship. For further instructions, refer to the college website []


Summing Up:

You need to remember that when applying to these scholarships, you might not get many of them at the same time. The reason is that most scholarships are offered by the schools for their specific students. The government-sponsored scholarship are available for different colleges that are acceptable by the system.

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